The Online Check-in APIs enable the integration between and Check-in Providers. It allows you to respond to check-in requests and update the requests with details on how guests can gain access to the property and their room(s).


Who is a check-in provider?
Any online (check-in) solution (Apps/Web), that allows guests to check-in online for their upcoming reservation(s) and/or get access to the property and their room(s).

What is a check-in request?

  • A check-in request is a JSON object that you receive when you use the GET API to get guest data for a given reservation.
  • You can update this check-in request with a different STATUS and add the details of how the guest can open the door of the property and/or room.

What does property/room access mean?

  • Property access and room access are used to describe the action by which the guest gets access and enters the building and/or room in which they will be staying.
  • For example, by retrieving the key from a lock box or by scanning a QR code at a kiosk.

What is possible with the online check-in API?

Receive guest registration data from

  • You can get data about guests who have made a reservation via the online check-in APIs.
  • This data will include the guest information that is legally required according to the laws of the country of the property.

Provide room access data to

  • You can update details of how guests can access the property and/or room that they booked.
  • Currently we support property/room access methods like PIN codes, QR Codes along with text instructions.

Why use the online check-in API?

  • Help your customers reduce time spent manually filling out forms by automatically collecting passport and ID details before guests even arrive at the property.
  • Help your customers check-in their guests and have them enter the property with remote key-handling options like lockbox and property access codes.
  • Provide check-in instructions that are sent to guests and translated into their own language.

What reservations are elligible for online check-in?

All reservations with one room are eligible.

All reservations with multiple rooms are not eligible.

Check-in prompts are sent 48 hours or less before check-in.

Check-in cannot be performed before 48 hours of the check-in date.

How does the online check-in API work?

Sequence diagram for check-in APIs integration

How to use the online check-in API?

Initial setup and configurtion

  1. Your business manager will create a Suite Portal account for you. You will receive an email to set up your account password and details.

  2. Subscribe to the check-in (create, update) webhooks. Alternatively, you can also poll for new check-in requests.

  3. Set the guest_info, pms_access, reservations and manage_reservations scopes to required in your Suite Portal account.

  4. Request authorization from your customers(Property or Hotel) to access their check-in related data via our OAuth2 flow.

Processing a check-in request

Step 1
Our system will select candidate reservations and create check-in requests. Which in turn will trigger the create webhook.

Step 2
Fetch the check-in request and decide whether or not to continue processing the check-in request by updating the status to DATA_REQUIRED or DENIED.

curl -X PUT{hotel_id}/checkin/{checkin_id} \
    -H 'X-Booking-Auth-Token: ...' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -d '{ "status": "DATA_REQUIRED" }'

By setting the status to DATA_REQUIRED, you instruct our system to proceed with collecting the required information from the guest for pre-checkin.

Step 3
Once the guest fills out the guest registration form, we will update the check-in request and set the status to REQUESTED. This will trigger the update webhook.

Step 4
Fetch the updated check-in request, check the guest information and decide whether or not to continue processing the check-in request by updating check-in request status to SUCCESS or DENIED.

When setting the status to SUCCESS, you must include room access details. Room access details can include door lock codes, QR codes or instructions in text format.

curl -X PUT{hotel_id}/checkin/{checkin_id} \
    -H 'X-Booking-Auth-Token: ...' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
    -d '{ "status": "SUCCESS", "room_access": { ... } }'

Step 5
Our system will send a confirmation email to the guest with the room access information included.

Contact us

You can reach out to our support teams for questions through the slack channel created for you by your business manager.

We highly appreciate feedback regarding the documentation and flows, as well as feedback from your customers. Feel free to share feedback in the slack channel or with your business manager.