Getting started

When you get your account created you have access to our administration interface called Suite Portal, from there you can configure and setup all the required information to get you up and running.

You will also have created a set of two applications, a production app and a test app that you can use on your development and test environment. Test applications cannot connect to real properties so the risk of exposing important data on test environments is mitigated.

You will find all the information you need to start using the APIs under Developers > API tools > Product integration. There your test and prod application will each have its own tab.

Defining Scopes

Each application needs to have a set of data requirements defined for which the property must grant permission. You can configure your application scopes in the Suite Portal under Developers > scopes > set scopes.

Your test application will automatically have all scopes enabled and granted for the connected test property.

For the production application, please only set the scopes you actually need for your product to work in order to set the right expectations for the connecting properties. You can easily add more scopes at a later stage if needed.

API authentication

Authentication is done through a bearer token sent via X-Booking-Auth-Token header on every request to BookingSuite HUB. You can view/reset your application token through Suite Portal.


The token is secret and should not be pasted/shared or placed in any non-secure environment.

Bellow is an example call made using curl showing how the token is passed to the API servers.

curl -X GET \ \
  -H 'X-Booking-Auth-Token: gNtSPliO19zKqes0a4CQtSU6gP1LXsZIvQcxNzlL4wgg' # Example token

Getting a test property

To get a test property created for your Account, First, you need to provide your Contact details under Account settings > Contact details in the Suiteportal. Please format your phone number with country code, as it will be required for the 2-factor authentication login.

Once you fill your contact details, you should be receiving welcome email with password setting link. To log into the extranet, go to

Your extranet credentials can also be used to test signups and connections as if you were a hotel partner.


Test properties will only be created after you fill in your contact details on Suite Portal. You'll need to provide a phone number, to pass through the two-factor authentication.


Please do not create any property on for testing purposes. Any property created will be considered authentic and under contractual obligation. Only use the test property that we provide to you and contact our support for any further requests.

Testing reservations on test property

Test hotels will not come prefilled with reservations. In order to test reservation data, you will need to create reservations yourself. You can create reservations on your test property using the following link:;hotel_id={hotelId}

You will be able to use standard test numbers for credit cards with this test property (ex. 4111 1111 1111 1111).

Create availability for test property

Test hotels come with rates and availability set for a certain period. You can create more availability via the Extranet.

1. Go to
2. Click Rates & Availability
3. Under the concerned room type click Bulk edit
4. Fill in the rooms_to_sell and other details.